Writing admin procedures

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Writing admin procedures

The administrative assistants who work for your business are only as good as the instruction manual you write for them.

This manual details the expectations of your company and explains the climate and culture. Use it to explain how to perform specific tasks as well as to lay out the rules of conduct.

Make a cover page for the instruction manual. Give the manual a simple title, such as "Administrative Assistant Manual and Handbook.

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Create a table of contents on the second page. In addition to instructions on performing tasks, include contents such as "Absence Policy," "Breaks," "Benefits and Salaries," and other pertinent information an assistant will need as an employee.

Create a heading for each topic. List the steps for each task using a bulleted or numbered list so the assistants can clearly see the progression of the task. Assume no prior knowledge of the task; for example, instruct the assistant to open the word processing program to type a document.

Use clear language to describe how to perform each task. For example, write "Answer the phone by saying 'Hello! Thank you for calling [Business Name]. This is [your name]; how can I help you?

List the information they need to collect from the call when taking a message or before transferring the call to another person. For example, the assistant should take down the caller's name, where he is calling from and the purpose of the call.

writing admin procedures

Save and print the instruction manual. Punch holes on the left side of the papers, then insert them into the binder.

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Making written policies and procedures readily available and identifying a single office (or position within an office) in the policy (or procedure) documents to which questions can be directed should result in the following benefits. Laws of Florida; Florida Statutes; Florida Constitution; Division of Administrative Hearings; Joint Administrative Procedures Committee; caninariojana.com; Florida Department of State.

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An administrative assistant keeps your executives and other staff members on track by keeping the office stocked with supplies, scheduling appointments and meetings, and answering the phone as needed.

Explore the admin related procedure templates available on Way We Do to add to your online manuals. Turn static administration and office policies, procedures and .

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