Wine apellation research

Tweet Yesterday, at a meeting at Cloudy Bay, some of the top producers of Marlborough launched Appellation Marlborough Wine AMWa historic initiative for a non-European wine region that will establish a European-style appellation for their highly successful brand. Their aim is 'to protect the integrity, authenticity and brand value of wines produced in Marlborough', safeguarding Marlborough's reputation via certification to be administered by AMW members, so far 36 in number but with many more wine producers having expressed interest.

Wine apellation research

My family and I are in a time zone far, far west of most of you and there are rain forests and crashing waves to see, so I will be brief. Those of us who decided to call it The Session when it began in never claimed it was a stammtisch.

It was of the digital world.

Wine apellation research

It served multiple purposes, I suppose, but one reason I suggested it at the outset was to expand the number of blogs that readers were paying attention to.

One of the six regular visitors to Appellation Beer might drop in an see what was being written at Beer Haiku Daily the host of the eighth session, and, like many early hosts, long gone. This might also be called listening to more voices.

Perhaps The Session could still serve that purpose, but for several years it has not. The delivery vehicle is just that. Have you ever listened to the town crier on a foggy morning in Lyme Regis? Great form of communication. Not so much today. As a fan of the written word, for now my preferred way.

Call it diversity in beer storytelling. And buy that man a cheeseburger. What lives in the archives thanks, Jay Brooks of The Session is pretty terrific. Back in April of the topic was beer journalism. Things about blogging have changed sincebut not that much.

Blogs will continue to go and come. Mark Johnson nicely traced the life cycle a few weeks ago. As to the future of Appellation Beer? When I determine what regular posting means here then that will resume, and the about page will reflect the schedule. I will likely miss The Session more than you.

How many were there for that one?

Wine apellation research

What should that tell us?The appellation of origin, which indicates an agro-food product’s region of origin, is growing in importance, both as a guarantee of the quality of the product and as a brand associated with a set of differentiating attributes.

We carefully research these areas to identify their best grape varieties, then source fruit from outstanding vineyards in each appellation to craft wines that consistently over-deliver on quality.

Some of our current vineyard sites include. Burgundy wines fall under the following quality categories: Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Communal or Village appellation designation, and Regional appellation designation.

Grand Cru is the highest quality, followed by Premier Cru. Communal or Village appellation designations are slightly less in . You’ll find red and rosé wines from Sancerre, but white is what you want in this case. There are a lot of appellations in France that use Sauvignon Blanc, and Sancerre is the most recognizable.

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