The background of napsters woes regarding copyright infringement

You know deep down that the music is protected and belongs to someone else. Therefore, the answer is both unsurprising, and disappointingly short. Plus, it could seriously affect your podcasting schedule and back catalogue if you were forced to suspend its availability due to a legal battle.

The background of napsters woes regarding copyright infringement

The table of contents leads you to an impressive list of information about copyright. It is the most important international treaty concerning copyright law.

Piracy and File-Sharing |

To emphasize the importance of protecting intellectual property, it offers the following information: The search requires you to use a pull-down menu for your state and fill in the blank for city. Because copyright law is not a common specialization, expect to search a number of cities.

This Crash Course, like many sites we find on the net, focuses more on the thorny web questions. Still, it is worth investigating. That said, the site has interesting views and links. A number of creative works are eligible for copyright.

The background of napsters woes regarding copyright infringement

Certain prerequisites influence eligibility. The work must be tangible, fixed in some form.

Piracy and File-Sharing

Inherent are concepts of creative work. The copyright office divides such works into eight basic categories. Four of the eight are especially relevant to us in theatre: Two of the major questions he tackles are "creative work" and "tangible form. The law requires that it exist in some tangible form -- it can't just be in your head or sailing through the ether, it has to be on disk, paper, carved in stone sculpture or the like.

It has to be creative that's a tough one for lawyers to define and that means it can't just be factual data.

Can I use Non-Royalty Free Music on my Podcast?

What cannot be copyrighted Copyright laws specify what can, and cannot, be protected by copyright. A title cannot be copyrighted because it is not, in itself, a "work," explaining why you often see duplicated titles of novels, poems, and plays. No law prevents you from calling your play Death of a Salesman.

Facts, such as news or histories, are not creative but are public information, and therefore cannot be copyrighted.

A M Records Vs Napster

If you use a source like the National Geographic to research facts for a play about, say, life in the Congo, you violate no copyright law to shape them into a play. Instead, they are public information. Ideas are not eligible for copyright because one requirement is that the material specifically exist.

Names do not receive copyright protection. Characters are not protected by copyright.A & M Records vs. Napster was a major intellectual property case that took place in , pertaining to the illegal file sharing of MP3 music files, which the record industry claimed was copyright infringement.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Russian prosecutors have filed criminal online copyright infringement charges against a year-old accused of posting 18 tracks on Russian social network Vkontakte, Agence France-Presse reported.

If convicted, the accused uploader faces up to six years in prison, and copyright infringement damages in the amount of $3, Medical Licensing Test Prep Company Owner Extradited On November 5, , the US Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey announced that one of the owners of the test prep company, called Optima University, made her initial appearance in a New Jersey Court after she was extradited from Latvia.

Search for: Microsoft Word - Emily Rodriquez | Download | HTML Embed. If someone took GPL code but violated the license, well, that would breach-of-contract and also copyright infringement -- both well-defined crimes but neither "stealing".

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