Tea market in india business report 2010

May 11, Little could Tagore have imagined that the farm would, about two centuries later, cause a Rs 1,crore gap in bank balance sheets, putting at risk the lives of 26, employees and their families. One of them said that the company, with interests in oil and tea, could well be sold in two parts to the most synergistic buyers, but must be sold as one - preferably to a company with interest in both lines of business. On paper, the odds seem to favour Dhunseri Tea, one of the nine bidders that qualified the initial round of scrutiny.

Tea market in india business report 2010

Jul 21, Image: Parvin Dabas Indian farmers have been selling their fair trade produce to developed markets for years by getting certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International FLO.

Now the FLO wants to invert that model. It will introduce a fair trade label for the Indian market next year. The Spice Board of India is looking to follow suit with a fair trade label for the domestic spice market.

Fair trade is an organised movement that helps producers in developing countries get a premium for their products if they follow better social, labour and environmental standards.

While sales of products like fair trade tea, coffee, flowers, wine and beer have grown in double digits for the last several years, cultivation has outpaced demand, according to reports.

tea market in india business report 2010

If the fair trade movement is implemented in India, it could open up a huge new market for fair trade farmers, giving them stability against foreign exchange fluctuation.

For the movement to be successful, however, it requires the customers to be sensitive about this. It sells most of its cotton in Europe at a premium of Rs. But even now it is able to sell only half the produce; the rest gets sold in India without any premium.

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It is no wonder then that Seth Petchers, chief executive of Shop for Change, a marketing and labelling organisation for domestic fair trade products, is trying to launch this movement in India. The collection featured an ad campaign that starred fair trade cotton farmers along with former Miss India, Gul Panag.

The FLO also fixes a fair trade price, which includes a minimum price for the product and a fair trade premium. During the off-season, they rent out the warehouse as a marriage hall and distribute earnings for the co-operative. It has also allowed the community to set up solar sensing technology as a benign blockade warding wild elephants off the cashew nut trees.

Their cashew produce is labelled Jumbo Cashews in the European market. All of this may or may not result in a price premium for a consumer depending on whether a retailer chooses to crunch its margins. Increasingly, retailers have started selling fair trade products without a price premium for consumers.

Right now fair trade numbers are small. Companies want to portray themselves as fair employers but are just experimenting with a small percentage of their products.

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Will they ever get all their products under the fair trade umbrella? That change will come when it becomes a civil society movement as it has in the West, says Tomy Mathews, founder of Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala. But there may still be some distance between promise and scale in the market.“Tea consumption will continue to be dominated by Asian consumers, particularly China and India, which together accounted for an estimated 59% of global demand in , up from 48 percent in ,” according to EIU.

In January-September , India had exported million kg of teas.

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Record tea crop in Kenya has given a tough competition to Indian tea in the global markets in the second half of the year. Indian tea has failed to maintain higher prices in the world market as Kenya is routing its higher.

The state of Sikkim nestles amidst the picturesque and scenic Himalayas in North East India. From the mystic tea gardens of this region emerge the organic two tender leaves and a bud, flourishing at an altitude of metres above sea level.

As per the FAO world agriculture statistics India is the world's largest producer of many fresh fruits like banana, mango, guava, papaya, lemon and vegetables like chickpea, okra and milk, major spices like chili pepper, ginger, fibrous crops such as jute, staples such as millets and castor oil seed.

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India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, the world's major food staples. • Agri business sector mapping in India and developing investment pitches for potential agribusiness clients • Review of primary marketing of Tea in India with focus on enhancing the efficiency & effectiveness of auction.

In , the Ready-To-Drink Green Tea market size was xx million USD in India, and it will be xx million USD in , with a CAGR of xx% between and

tea market in india business report 2010
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