Sunrail fictional organisation recruitment strategy


Sunrail fictional organisation recruitment strategy

Creating an Organizational Recruiting Strategy | ERE

Career development opportunities while working in your organization You can invite an agent from the recruiting firm to your organization to interact with the managers and employees for a better feel of the organization. Quick help — When an employee resigns from their job without prior notice, it can really disorient you especially if they were holding a key position.

If you were to apply the recruitment process, it would take a long time before filling the positions. Agencies come in handy because they are able to fill up a position within a short time.

Qualified applicants — Some agencies prescreen the applicants and some provide a test that the applicant must perform well to be considered for a job. The practices ensure that the agencies always have a pool of qualified candidates waiting to be employed.

When the agency shortlists such candidates who have gone through a pretest and prescreening, you can be sure you will have a competent employee. Long term employees — When you hire candidate from an agency and then you realize you need their services, you can hire them for long term basis. The short contract can act as a way to test the capabilities of the employee.

This is a challenging position as you would like to participate in the process. Unfortunately, you do not have that privilege The agency does all the recruitment so you have no prior meeting with the candidate as a hiring manger.

This might make you anxious not knowing whether the recruitment agency carried out the process in a professional way and whether the proposed candidate is the best fit for you. This uncertainty can affect your working relationship with the candidate especially if you have not dealt with the agency before.

Communication problems can arise due to misunderstandings or information that is not well communicated. The consequences range from hiring the wrong employee to extra charges amongst others. To avoid this, document all communications. Companies can therefore target groups depending on the professionals that they want.

Advantages of recruitment from professional associations You are sure to find the right candidate. The members of the group offer helpful information to each other.

Besides, they challenge each other to develop professionally through attending trainings, short courses and participating in discussions on forums. Since the groups are made up of professionals, the candidate will behave professionally Disadvantages of recruitment from professional associations The candidate may have high expectations if the groups instills such mindsets If anything unpleasant happens to the candidate while at work, the group supports them Strategy 3.

However, the candidates must be qualified for them to be considered for the positions. Advantages of using referrals High quality candidates — The people who refer the candidates to you, our employees, ensure that the candidates are qualified for the position.

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So, the first screening takes place even before the candidate is referred to you. Since you are likely to have more than one candidate, then you will have a pool to select from.

Sunrail fictional organisation recruitment strategy

To encourage your employees to refer the best candidate, you can give them an incentive for that. The incentive will make the employees to make sure that they refer the most promising candidate.

Further, the employees know that their reputation is on the line when referring a candidate so; they will only refer candidates who are qualified. Cost effective — It is cost effective as you will not need to spend money on advertisements and on expensive recruitment processes.

It is also simpler and has little or no hurdles. Convenience — Some positions require specialized training or skill which is not easily available. In such instances, employee referral program is the best to use. Employees interact with people with the same profession: Saves time — It takes a shorter time to interview and recruit an employee referred to you compared to employees who apply for the job through job sites and recruitment agencies.

High retention rate — Candidates who get employed through the employee referral program have a high retention rate. This can be accounted by the fact that they already know a lot about the organization from the person who referred them so they have a few preservations for the job.

Sunrail fictional organisation recruitment strategy

Since they know someone from the organization, they take little time to adapt to their new job. Jobvite found out that about half of the referred employees stay for more than one year on the new job.

If you fail to give the agreed upon compensation for a referral, the employees are likely to be disillusioned by the whole process. It does not give room for diversity so you might end up having quick hires to meet your diversity requirements.Granite Consulting's services include recruitment strategy, training, and talent.

His experience includes recruitment consulting, process outsourcing, and building recruitment functions and teams for a diverse group of clients and organizations. Recruitment determines present and future requirements of the organisation in conjunction with its personnel planning and job analysis activities.

In the process, it helps increase the. The recruitment strategy is the important document, which drives all recruitment related processes in the organization.

The company has to define a clear recruitment strategy, as it wins the best talents available on the job market. 09/05/ Skills review survey Skill Review Survey Your answers Future strategy for the organization The most excellent strategy for an organization is to embrace what is the most fitting to its present strong point and its location.

other words, the recruitment process provides the organisation with a pool of potentially qualified job candidates from which judicious selection can be made to fill vacancies.

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Successful recruitment begins with proper employment planning and forecasting. Once you prioritize recruiting and build your recruitment strategy, you'll naturally start to create your own employer brand.

As this happens, remember that it is as important to bringing on top talent as your consumer-facing brand is to acquiring customers.