Powerpoint life stages

Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 2. At this stage, individuals are confident in their decision-making skills.

Powerpoint life stages

Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 2. At this stage, individuals are confident in their decision-making skills. Formal education may be continued. Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 3. Family relationships decline as children move away and start their own families. Husband and wife may become closer since there are more opportunities to spend time alone.

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Divorce rate may be high during this stage for couples who have stayed together for the children. Middle adulthood 40 to 65 years 4. There is a general contentment and satisfaction with life. Some, however, may experience a mid-life crisis a change in values and interests which causes a person to question his or her current life.

Late adulthood 65 years 1. Physical development is declining. Bones are weakened and brittle. Hearing loss is pronounced. Mobility the ability to move easily is decreased. Late adulthood 65 years 2.


Seniors who remain mentally active and learn new things tend to have fewer problems with mental abilities. Short-term memory is the first to decline. Alzheimers disease may affect memory and other intellectual functions.

Late adulthood 65 years 3. Some people may limit social relationships and spend much of their time alone. Some people remain very socially active, joining senior citizen groups and traveling.

Late adulthood 65 years 4. Some handle the emotional stress of aging very well. Some become lonely, depressed, and withdrawn.

Powerpoint life stages

Retirement, death of a spouse or friends, and physical disabilities may lead to emotional stress. Five stages of grieving A. Refuses to accept the reality of his or her impending death 2.

It all begins with understanding the developmental model and learning to apply it to people.

Refuses to talk about it 3. Believes everyone is wrong 30 II. Five stages of grieving B. Can no longer deny death 2.

PPT - Life Stages PowerPoint Presentation - ID Financial freedom is one of the most sought after goals among us. This topic evokes the puzzle on how one does actually get there.

Cannot understand why it is happening to him or her 3. May be hostile to everyone 31 II. Five stages of grieving C. Begins to accept death but wants to bargain more time 2.Human Life Stages Unit 8 - Lesson 2 Pregnancy Birthing Process Muscular contractions of the uterus push the baby out through the vagina.

The umbilical cord is cut after the baby’s birth, and the scar that forms is called the navel (belly button). Discovery. Discovery is an almost entirely customer-driven process that identifies a need and then a solution that fulfills that need, but understanding moments of truth can give you greater visibility even at this early stage.

Each life stage brings its own growth and nutritional needs and challenges. Meeting these demands promotes good health at each stage of the life cycle and builds a solid foundation for the future.

Nutritional needs change throughout the life cycle. Healthy diet through life.

Powerpoint life stages

A healthy diet is made up of a balance and variety of different foods, which provides all of the nutrients required by the body. This stage takes place after age 65 and involves reflecting on one's life and either moving into feeling satisfied and happy with one's life or feeling a deep sense of regret.

Success at this stages leads to feelings of wisdom, while failure results in regret, bitterness, and despair. Six Stages to Success with the Employee Lifecycle The proven model known as the employee lifecycle (ELC), is a fantastic way to visualise your employee’s and how they engage with you.

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