Industrial uses of enzymes essay help

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Industrial uses of enzymes essay help

Enzyme Assignment Help Enzyme Technology Introduction Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions, the enzymes are involves in both biosynthetic and degradative, occurring in living cells.

Some RNA molecules have catalytic activity, these are known as ribozymes. The use of purified enzymes for generating a useful product or service constitutes enzyme technology.

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Enzyme activities are exploited in almost all biotechnological activities; the enzymes may themselves be present in living cells or in an isolated and purified state. Purified enzymes are employed in industrial processes, medicine, research and DNA technology.

The bulk nearly one-third, of the enzymes are used for cheese production and in detergents. InSumner crystallized for the first time an enzyme urease. The transition state theory of enzyme action was put forth by pauling inand in Pauling and Corey discovered the a-helix and 3-sheet structure of enzymes.

Sanger, indetermined the amino acid sequence of a protein insulin. The enzymes may or may not have anon protein molecule attached to them. An organic cofactor is commonly known as coenzymes.

Cofactors and coenzymes may be covalently or non-covalently attached to protein molecule, called apoenzyme. An apoenzyme lacks catalytic activity in the absence of its specific cofactor. When a cofactor is tightly bound to the apoenzyme that it is difficult to remove it without damaging the enzyme, the cofactor is often called prosthetic group.

Both coenzymes and cofactors generally contribute to enzyme activity as well as stability. The complex of an apoenzyme and the cofactor is known as holoenzyme. Enzymes are similar to catalyst in the following respects; they lower the activation energy of reaction, they do not participate in the reaction, and return in their original form at the end of reaction, they only increase the rate of reaction; they are highly specific.

Purified enzymes offer certain advantages over whole cells, which are follows. An enzyme catalyses only a specific reaction, and there is no risk of by-product formation or product breakdown as may be the case with whole cells.

Whole cells convert a proportion of the substrate into biomass, which is not the case with enzymes. The optimum conditions for an enzyme may different from those for the organism producing it; a purified enzyme permits the operations to be performed under the optimal conditions.

Often purification of the product is much easier than when whole cells are used; this is because there is no interference from the molecules present in the complex medium used for production based on whole cells, the by-products produced by the cells and the constituents of the cells.

However, purified enzymes have limitation of high cost, instability, an enzyme catalizes only a single reaction, while most industrial products are generated after a series of biochemical reactions, which can be perform only by whole cells.

industrial uses of enzymes essay help

In some cases, the by-products produced by whole cells may add to the quality of the product, e. Therefore whole cells are preferred to enzymes in all biotechnological processes where the use of latter does not offer an economic advantage.

Enzymes are obtained from animal tissues, plants, bacteria and fungi, including yeast. The bulk of enzymes, both in the terms of quantity and variety, are derived from microorganism, higher plant being the distant second and animals being the least important.

The bulk of plant enzymes are hydrolytic in nature, e. Most of the enzymes are used by food industry.

industrial uses of enzymes essay help

Therefore, initially plant and animal enzymes were preferred over microbial enzymes mainly from considerations of safety and fear of contamination by microorganism, toxins etc. Increased demands, shortages in supplies of enzymes from plants and animal sources, and difficulties in maintaining a continued supply of these enzymes prompted a much closer and more pragmatic evaluation of the microbial enzymes.

These enzymes have found increasing applications even in such areas where enzyme of animal origin were once exclusively used, cheese production.Nomos verlag dissertation vorlage lebenslauf research paper on trend analysis essay hdsb chatt dr kenneth pullman research paper good introduction for argumentative essay essay erotic dancers food brings people together essay writer latbus 50 essays the case for birthright citizenship essays interesting or amusing story about yourself essays on global Enzymes can also work at many different ranges of pH as well as temperature changes and this is due to when they are immobilized in the industrial and medicine process.

3) This essay will now look at particular enzymes in industry and medicine within their main Industrial uses of enzymes essay. 9 listopada Bez kategorii. Creative writing reading pdf worksheets admission college essay results , great depression essay game during.

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Commercial Uses of Enzymes The use of enzymes to modify foods has increased vastly and these fermentations are continuing to be important, however, a new type of enzyme industry has evolved which involves the use of harvesting enzymes from Water also has implications for the physicochemical properties of the solid substrate. Enzymes of industrial importance have been produced by SSF. Some examples are, proteases, pectinases, glucoamylases andcellulases. Microorganisms used for the production of enzymes in S.S.F. Industrial uses of enzymes essay. College essay help portland loyola marymount university application essay une dissertation sur le sport preparation is the key to success essay situational ethics essay winner dissertation totalitarisme second e guerre mondiale

The protein nature of enzymes. Ø Changes in pH alter the ionic charge of the acidic and basic groups that help to maintain the specific shape of the enzyme i.e.

break the hydrogen bonds. The pH change leads to three enzymes A, B and C. 3. Enzyme Concentration Ø The active site of an enzyme may be used again and /a/bch/bch-wtw/public_html/notes/enzymespdf. Industrial uses of enzymes essay help Industrial uses of enzymes essay help.

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