Gomme essays in greek history and literature

Primi anni[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] Aspasia che disputa con dei filosofi. Bicknell a tentare una ricostruzione degli antefatti famigliari di Aspasia e le connessioni con Atene. La sua teoria la collega ad Alcibiade II di Scambonide nonno del famoso Alcibiadeche fu ostracizzato da Atene nel a.

Gomme essays in greek history and literature

Little is known about her family except that her father's name was Axiochus, although it is evident that she must have belonged to a wealthy family, for only the well-to-do could have afforded the excellent education that she received.

Some ancient sources claim that she was a Carian prisoner-of-war turned slave; these statements are generally regarded as false.

The discovery of a 4th-century grave inscription that mentions the names of Axiochus and Aspasius has led historian Peter K.

Gomme essays in greek history and literature

Bicknell to attempt a reconstruction of Aspasia's family background and Athenian connections. Alcibiades apparently returned to Athens with his new wife and her younger sister, Aspasia.

Bicknell argues that the first child of this marriage was named Axiochus uncle of the famous Alcibiades and the second Aspasios. He also maintains that Pericles met Aspasia through his close connections with Alcibiades's household. Socrates seeking Alcibiades in the house of Aspasia, According to the disputed statements of the ancient writers and some modern scholars, in Athens Aspasia became a hetaera and ran a brothel.

Besides displaying physical beauty, they differed from most Athenian women in being educated often to a high standard, as Aspasia evidently washaving independence, and paying taxes. She became the companion of the statesman Pericles around BC.

After he divorced his first wife perhaps c. Aspasia would have to have been quite young, if she were able to bear a child to Lysicles c. Donald Kagana Yale historian, believes that Aspasia was particularly unpopular in the years immediately following the Samian War.

Worsted in the war, the Milesians came to Athens to plead their case against the Samians.

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In response, Pericles passed a decree dispatching an expedition to Samos. According to Plutarch, it was thought that Aspasia, who came from Miletus, was responsible for the Samian War, and that Pericles had decided against and attacked Samos to gratify her.

But now some young drunkards go to Megara and carry off the courtesan Simaetha; the Megarians, hurt to the quick, run off in turn with two harlots of the house of Aspasia; and so for three whores Greece is set ablaze.

Then Pericles, aflame with ire on his Olympian height, let loose the lightning, caused the thunder to roll, upset Greece and passed an edict, which ran like the song, That the Megarians be banished both from our land and from our markets and from the sea and from the continent.

Aspasia, in particular, was accused in comedy of corrupting the women of Athens in order to satisfy Pericles' perversions. He claims that the Megarian decree of Pericles, which excluded Megara from trade with Athens or its allies, was retaliation for prostitutes being kidnapped from the house of Aspasia by Megarians.

In BC during the Plague of AthensPericles witnessed the death of his sister and of both his legitimate sons, Paralus and Xanthippusfrom his first wife. With his morale undermined, he burst into tears, and not even Aspasia's companionship could console him.

Just before his death, the Athenians allowed a change in the citizenship law of BC that made his half-Athenian son with Aspasia, Pericles the Younger, a citizen and legitimate heir, [41] a decision all the more striking in considering that Pericles himself had proposed the law confining citizenship to those of Athenian parentage on both sides.

Plutarch cites Aeschines Socraticuswho wrote a dialogue on Aspasia now lostto the effect that after Pericles's death, Aspasia lived with Lysicles, an Athenian strategos general and democratic leader, with whom she had another son; and that she made him the first man at Athens.

The time of her death that most historians give c. Some scholars argue that Plato was impressed by her intelligence and wit and based his character Diotima in the Symposium on her, while others suggest that Diotima was in fact a historical figure.

Rose, Professor of History at Truman State Universityexplains, "only in comedy do dogs litigate, birds govern, or women declaim".

In both cases her advice is recommended to Critobulus by Socrates. In Memorabilia Socrates quotes Aspasia as saying that the matchmaker should report truthfully on the good characteristics of the man. In the dialogue, Socrates recommends that Callias send his son Hipponicus to Aspasia for instructions.

When Callias recoils at the notion of a female teacher, Socrates notes that Aspasia had favorably influenced Pericles and, after his death, Lysicles.

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In a section of the dialogue, preserved in Latin by Cicero, Aspasia figures as a "female Socrates", counseling first Xenophon's wife and then Xenophon himself the Xenophon in question is not the famous historian about acquiring virtue through self-knowledge. The philosopher believes that the great statesman chose the life of pleasure over virtue.

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Aspasia appears in several significant works of modern literature. Her romantic attachment with Pericles has inspired some of the most famous novelists and poets of the last centuries. In particular the romanticists of the 19th century and the historical novelists of the 20th century found in their story an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

In Lydia Maria Childan American abolitionistnovelist, and journalist, published Philothea, a classical romance set in the days of Pericles and Aspasia. This book is regarded as "the most elaborate and successful of the author's productions", in which the female characters, including Aspasia, "are portrayed with great beauty and delicacy.

Pericles and Aspasia is a rendering of classical Athens through a series of imaginary letters, which contain numerous poems.

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The letters are frequently unfaithful to actual history but attempt to capture the spirit of the Age of Pericles.The Great Indian Middle Class, Pavan K. Varma A Soldier Unafraid - Letters from the Trenches on the Alsatian Front (), Andre Cornet-Auquier, Theodore Stanton X A Study in the Sources of the Messeniaca of Pausanias (), Hermann Louis Ebeling Investment Forecasts for .

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