Girl with a pearl earring book

It is likely that a pearl of such dimension and form did not exist and that the artist had either represented an artificial one or that he deliberately exaggerated its dimensions, no feat for a painter of notable technical proficiency. Vermeer's women are often associated with the pearls eleven of them wear, so much that his oeuvre itself has become synonymous with the pearl.

Girl with a pearl earring book

Chevalier noted that the "ambiguous look" on the girl's face left a lasting impression on her. She describes the girl's expression "to be a mass of contradictions: In the strictly stratified society of the time, this is a fall in status because of the bad reputation that maids have for stealing, spying and sleeping with their employers.

A further complication is that the Vermeers belong to the grudgingly tolerated Catholic minority while Griet is a Protestant. At their home, she befriends the family's oldest daughter, Maertge, but is never on good terms with the spiteful Cornelia, a younger daughter who takes after her class-conscious mother, Catharina.

Griet also finds it difficult to keep on the right side of Tanneke, the other house servant, who is moody and jealous. Her younger brother Frans is apprenticed outside and eventually her younger sister Agnes dies of the plague.

But during the early months of her work at the Vermeers', Pieter, the son of the family butcher at the meat market, starts courting Griet. She has been strictly brought up and does not welcome this at first, but tolerates his interest because it is of advantage to her impoverished parents.

Griet is increasingly fascinated by Vermeer's paintings. Vermeer discovers that Griet has an eye for Girl with a pearl earring book and secretly asks her to run errands and perform tasks for him, such as mixing his paints and acting as a substitute model.

Griet arouses the suspicions of Catharina, but Vermeer's mother-in-law, Maria Thinsrecognizes Griet's presence as a steadying and catalyzing force in Vermeer's career and connives at the domestic arrangements that allow her to devote more time to his service.

However, Griet is warned by Vermeer's friend, Antonie van Leeuwenhoeknot to get too close to the artist because he is more interested in painting than he is in people. Realizing that this is true, Griet remains cautious.

Griet and Vermeer are therefore reluctant to fulfil this request and eventually Vermeer comes up with a compromise. Van Ruijven will be painted with members of his own family and Vermeer will paint a portrait of Griet by herself which is to be sold to van Ruijven.

For the painting, he forces her to pierce her ears and wear his wife's pearl earrings without her permission.

Cornelia seizes the chance to let Catharina discover this and in the resulting scandal Vermeer remains silent and Griet is forced to leave. Ten years later, long after Griet has married Pieter and settled into life as a mother and butcher's wife, she is called back to the house following Vermeer's death.

There Griet learns that Vermeer had asked for her painting to be hung in the room as he was dying. In addition, though the family is now poorer, Vermeer's will has included a request that Griet receive the pearl earrings that she wore when he painted her, which Van Leeuwenhoek forces Catharina to hand over.

Griet realizes, however, that she could no more wear them as a butcher's wife than she could have as a maid. She therefore decides to pawn the earrings and pay the fifteen guilders owed to her husband from the price.

Girl with a pearl earring book

In Plume released the U. Griet's ability to suggest to Vermeer how to improve a painting demands one stretch of the reader's imagination.

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As Time magazine notes, Chevalier presents "an exquisitely controlled exercise that illustrates how temptation is restrained for the sake of art".

It concentrates particularly on visual detail, both in the appearance of characters and of domestic surroundings, and their spatial placing in relation to each other. In addition, it too started from an attempt to decipher the enigmatic look of the sitter in a painting of the period.

Van Ruijven and other characters assume she is sexually available simply because she is an unchaperoned maid. Griet describes the painting to her father and also witnesses its creation in closer detail now that she is helping in the studio.

During this episode it is recalled that she had previously appeared in Woman with a Lute and that her husband had seduced the maid who sat for The Girl with the Wine Glass. This hangs on the wall to the right of The Concert.

That has allowed Chevalier to integrate into her imaginary scenario some of the few facts that are known about Vermeer and so give her fiction the appearance of reality. Van Leeuwenhoek was certainly interested in optical devices and it has been speculated that Vermeer made use of a camera obscurabut that is as far as the evidence goes.

And there is certainly not the slightest hint that he was the sexual predator that Chevalier portrays. For Walter Liedtkethe gallery's curator of European paintings, the success of [the exhibition] was due, at least in part, to Chevalier's novel.GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING is a thoroughly engaging novel that follows the life-changing experiences of quiet Griet over the two years she serves the Delft painter, Johannes Vermeer.

Girl with a Pearl Earring: A Novel by Tracy Chevalier and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at The book is written in the time period.

It is based off of the legitimate painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, painted by none other than Johannes Vermeer. It is historical fiction, because although many of the events that take place in the novel are fictional, the painting itself is real, and many of the facts incorporated into the.

Join Adrienne Lee for a discussion of the novel Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. Set in 17th century Delft, Holland, the novel was inspired by Delft school painter Johannes Vermeer ‘s painting Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Unfortunately, the film 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' directed by Peter Webber wasn't as enjoyable. The film was admitted beautiful, particularly the cinematography%(). Girl With a Pearl Earring.

About the Book. In mid-career, the renowned 17th century Baroque artist Johannes Vermeer painted "Girl with a Pearl Earring," which has been called the Dutch Mona Lisa. Girl with a Pearl Earring tells the story behind the advent of this famous painting, all the while depicting life in 17th century Delft, a small Dutch.

Girl With a Pearl Earring - The Story - Tracy Chevalier