Essays on teaching philosophy

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Essays on teaching philosophy

Essays on teaching philosophy

More Essay Examples on Education Rubric My personal understanding of the crucial elements of a Christian philosophy of education starts with love, and continues by teaching with grace and truth through both the teacher and the learner.

Because human beings are made in the image of God Grahamwe also must be motivated and rejoice in this fact. We must keep in mind that all of our students are perfect in the way in which God has created them.

Although, this also means each student will have different individual personalities and qualities that we must learn to love and embrace. Therefore, the question is: Discovering these motivations of each individual student is part of a Christian educators calling. The students are always discriminating, choosing, and acting purposefully in order to maintain some kind of control over what is happening around them and to them.

He has also given us the teacher the task of helping to manage and develop the creation. This is a huge role of a Christian educator. We should not Essays on teaching philosophy each student to be perfect in our own eyes, for it is not our eyes that matter.

We must put our trust and faith in the fact that every little piece about each child has a purpose and reason behind it. Christians must nurture strong habits of the mind.

They are living perfect images of God. Of course we cannot look past the fact that each child is raised in a different home environment, which can create variation as well; although this must too be taken into consideration in the classroom.

Students should be viewed as individuals in the image of God who are thinkers, decision-makers and actors. They all have diverse intelligences, gifts, and emerging theories about the world.

All of this begins as young as the kindergarten age level and we cannot look past this truth. At even such a young age, their special gifts, talents, and desires will begin to blossom and it is our job to help identify these and provide motivation for the children to continue to develop and thrive in these areas.

Essays on teaching philosophy

Although, it is also important to remember that we are all fallen creatures. As Christian educators, we are called to promote and support learning in those areas.

True teaching is a sharing of realities, likening the teaching process and weaving connections between their teachings and understandings themselves and the world around them. If we do not make connections for the students to the world around them, many times these precious gifts graced upon them will be overlooked or passed by because the young minds may not be able to recognize them.

Other areas might be seen as open doors to respond, apply, express and practice in ways that are consistent with biblical values.

Identifying these areas is helping the students begin their walk with the Lord and their own calling. The teaching-learning environment should be receptive to the nature of human nature as it was originally created in the image of God.

This means it should acknowledge students as creatures of God again, not simply as subjects in a room by engaging and stimulating the full range of their gifts. Teachers should seek to develop connections between different learning styles and motivations. Teachers should also strive to create understanding in their students of these beautiful differences.

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Developing a philosophy of teaching statement. Essays on Teaching Excellence, 9 (3), Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education.

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Below is an essay on "Teaching and Coaching Philosophy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Teaching Philosophy I believe that all students should receive a fair opportunity to participate in every class.

Philosophy of Jewish Education Essay Sample. Briefly describe each of Israel Scheffler’s Philosophical Models of Teaching.

Set out in detail the strengths and weaknesses of one of the models.

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