Care for girl child

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Care for girl child

She encourages all of them to learn her lesson and have only one child no matter if it is a boy or a girl. I hope I would have fewer kids if I had a second chance," she says. Liang is not alone.

The activities involve lectures to grandparents on gender equality to help them give up bias against girls. As well, small loans are given to families with only daughters to help them develop income-generating household economy and also to support schooling for girls. Health examinations are given to girls to ensure they receive good care from their families.

Lectures are organized to teach women with modern production skills and offer them jobs to enable them to contribute to the family income.

Care for girl child

All these activities are designed to eliminate discrimination against girls, improve the survival environment for girls and eventually lower the surging newborn gender ratio to a normal level in three to five years. So far, the programme has yielded positive results.

High disparity The high gender disparity among Chinese newborns has caught the attention of demographic experts both at Care for girl child and abroad since the mids.

Data from the national census indicated that the sex ratio problem has continued rising since the late s. It stood at girls to The ratio has been as high as in some areas of Hainan and Guangdong provinces. If the situation is allowed to continue unchecked there could be a series of social problems.

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President Hu Jintao, at a national meeting on environment and population in March, also stressed the significance of dealing with the birth imbalance. He encouraged the further promotion of the "Care For Girls" campaign, through which a new social environment featuring gender equality is fostered.

He also asked for policies in favour of families with only girls to solve their living and production difficulties. Yao has only one daughter. At that time there was no research being conducted on the mortality difference between boys and girls under the age of 4 years.

Zhu and her colleagues selected a county in Shanxi Province, one of the places that reported a higher death rate of female children, for their research. They found that apart from prenatal sex selection of unborn children, the survival environment was not so favorable for girls.

Care for girl child

More boys were delivered in hospitals while girls were mostly born at home; boys were fed with better and more nutritious foods than girls; boys were sent to hospital more quickly when they got ill, while many girls were cared for at home and had to rely on their own resistance to illnesses.

They also concluded that low fertility resulting from rapid socio-economic development and family planning programmes was a conditional factor.

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Studies in other nations also concluded that birth culture plays a key role. In the Republic of Korea, for example, where no family planning is implemented, people still prefer boys. The scholars further tested the theory through investigations in three counties where family planning is well entrenched and normal newborn gender ratios are maintained.

And the husbands enjoy the same rights as other men in the village in terms of land allocation and other welfare affairs. The scholars believe such a practice has guaranteed the rights of families with daughters and thus has an important role in the balance of sex ratio at birth in Songzi County.

Zhu said they hoped to reform the traditional birth culture. With a new concept which highlights gender equality and helps improve living conditions for girls, the mortality rate of girls in rural areas can then be reduced.About half of all Americans live in what’s called a “child-care desert” — a place where the demand for child care exceeds the supply of in-center care spots by three to one.

In some bigger states, like California and New York, more than 60 percent of residents live in child-care deserts. Dec 08,  · Swanthana opens its doors to all children with special needs, arising out of physical conditions that include being mentally and physically challenged, which have made them incapable of self care.

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International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of Girls and the International Day of the Girl.

October 11, , was the first Day of the Girl Child. A Silver Spring child care center employee has been charged with sexually abusing a young girl he’d met through his work. Thomas Henry Ridges, 38, who has also worked as a Montgomery County.

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