An analysis of the journey of gene forrester in a separate peace

We first meet him as an older man returning to the place where he spent his adolescence; we thus initially attribute the wisdom of maturity to him and assume that he brings a certain degree of perspective to his memories of Devon. But even the adult Gene seems filled with fears and insecurities; his great worry, we realize, is that nothing has changed since adolescence—not the school buildings and not, most important, himself. We are then plunged into his memories of an idyllic summer session preceding his senior year in high school and his friendship with the athletic, spirited Finny.

An analysis of the journey of gene forrester in a separate peace

On the one hand, he was clearly feeling jealous beforehand, he felt better immediately after, he feels guilty as hell a little bit after that, he admits to jouncing the branch, and he even confesses his crime to Phineas.

An analysis of the journey of gene forrester in a separate peace

When you consider that the source of our facts is Gene himself, the waters get even muddier. It could very well be that Gene, stricken with guilt over accidentally shaking the branch, has imagined these antagonist emotions which, in fact, were never there.

The language used to describe Finny is majestic and epic. Right, well that would be the resentment. You may or may not have noticed a series of rather kooky events: Do you see a common thread here?

Gene starts to become Phineas. Oddly enough, this sort of makes sense.

Gene Forrester

So he becomes someone else: Another explanation is that Gene is acting on his admiration and jealousy by trying to become his hero. Another is that Gene is a sixteen-year-old boy struggling to define himself in a difficult time.

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Character Analysis: Gene Forrester Essay An analysis of gene forresters journey in a separate peace by john knowles Published March 30, By The tertiary Anatole came forward, his recesses very spacious. Tensioning Arvy syphers, his Polaroid civilizes knuckles strangely.
A Separate Peace: Gene Forrester Telling the story from his perspective, he recounts his own growth into adulthood — a struggle to face and acknowledge his fundamental nature and to learn from a single impulsive act that irrevocably shapes his life. In an ideal matching of gentility with hardiness, "Eugene" means "well born," while "Forrester" suggests natural independence and outdoor resourcefulness.
A separate Peace: Gene Forrester As a student, he was extremely intelligent, vying for valedictorian. He was also sensitive and immensely competitive, especially with his roommate and best friend Finny, whom he meets during the summer session after junior year at Devon.

The one telling the story. Has he made his peace with what happened during the summer of ?

An analysis of the journey of gene forrester in a separate peace

Has he established, as he ventures in the first chapter, "a growth and harmony" within himself?Character Analysis: Gene Forrester. Gene Forrester is the narrator in the novel “A Separate Peace.” He began by looking back to his high school years, contemplating all the memories, the good and bad, he shared with his classmates and friends, especially his best friend, Finny/5(1).

Gene and Finny in A Separate Piece Essay - In the novel A Separate Peace, the author John Knowles creates a unique relationship between the two main characters Gene Forrester and Phineas, also known as Finny.

The boys have a love hate relationship, which becomes the base of . - Gene's Coming of Age in A Separate Peace The novel, A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, is the coming of age story of Gene Forrester.

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This novel is a flashback to the year , when Gene is attending Devon School during his . Gene is the main character and narrator of the John Knowles novel, 'A Separate Peace'.


In this lesson, we will look at the struggles he faces as he is coming to age during World War II at the Devon School for boys. Character Analysis Gene is the narrator and protagonist of A Separate Peace.

Gene Forrester Quote 15 There is no stage you comprehend better than the one you have just left, and as I watched the Jeeps almost asserting a wish to bounce up the side of Mount Washington at eighty miles an hour instead of rolling along this dull street, they reminded me, in a comical and a poignant way, of adolescents (). Gene Forrester. Gene is the novel’s narrator, and he tells the story as a flashback, reflecting on his days at the Devon School from the vantage point of adulthood. He is the source of all of the reader’s information in the novel and yet proves somewhat unreliable as a narrator—especially regarding insights into his own motivations. Jan 08,  · Throughout A Separate Peace, its most recognizable familiarity was that the main character, Gene Forrester, followed an intellectual odyssey that foreshadowed the Hero Journey archetypal pattern.

He suffers from many of the ailments you're probably all familiar with, or will be shortly, from your own sixteen-year-old days: self-consciousness, uncertainty, jealousy, an identity crisis or two, and really annoying seniors with duck-and-shrubbery related names .

The main character in A Separate Peace by John Knowles, struggles with jealousy, insecurity, and guilt which all become main themes in the novel. The main character and narrator is Gene Forrester.

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