Advantages and disadvantages of technology related literature

Under this arrangement, the employee maintains close contact with coworkers and supervisors via various forms of computer, Internet, and communication technology i. Telecommuting is an increasingly popular work option in many businesses and industries, and its usage is expected to increase in the future, boosted by new innovations in computer and communication technology.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology related literature

By Ravi Sharma Science Introduction: We live in an age of science. We feel the influence of science at every moment in almost every sphere of life.

Indeed, modern civilization is based on the gifts of science. Wherever we cast our eyes, we see the achievement of science is industry, commerce, medicine, communication, etc. Science has revolutionized our way of life.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology related literature

They are each discussed below briefly. Advantages Science has minimized our hardship and has increased pleasures and comfort. The quick means of travel has made the world a very small place to live in.

The computer, the greatest gift of the 20th century, has relieved man from manual and mental labor to a great extent. Through telephone he speaks to his distant friends or consults his physician.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology related literature

He can get the benefit of modern drugs or surgery, which is the products of science. Science has not only invented a robot, but has turned a man into a robot in some cases. It snatches the soul of a man when he runs a race in mad pursuit of material prosperity.

Science, at the same time, has given him frightful nuclear weapons. If there be a third world war, it will abolish the whole mankind from this planet.

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Peace on earth is at peril now. Conclusion However, Science cannot be blamed for its abusive uses. Man is responsible for the abuses of science. It fully depends on us whether we shall have our science to destroy the creation or to conquer hunger, poverty and disease for a happy and prosperous world.Disadvantages.

Of course, there is always a flip side to the advantages. While there may not be as many disadvantages as advantages, there are still a few. Telecommuting is a practice in which an employee works at a location—usually, but not always, one's home—that is remote from the actual business facility at which he/she is employed.

Get an answer for 'List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. List answers, not lengthy paragraphs, please.' and find homework help for other Social Sciences questions at eNotes. According to Use of Technology, the advantages of technology include access to information, improved communication, improved entertainment, educational convenience, social networking and advancements within various industries.

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