Ac505 quiz 2

Who wrote 1 Corinthians? What is the Book of 1 Corinthians all about?

Ac505 quiz 2

We will also look at risk management in decision making and ethics in decision making. Decision Making in Operations Management, Walden, 3.

Class Ac505 quiz 2 notes and slides — posted to Blackboard 4. Case studies provided in class. The following grading scale will be used to determine the final grades. Assignments will be turned in during class — hand written assignments are acceptable as long as they are legible.

Your submission must be your own and entirely your own work-product. Failure to comply will result in Zero points for the assignment and a lower letter of the final grade.

The specific due date will be posted on Blackboard when each homework is assigned. No late empower submission will be accepted after the solutions are made available. All homework assignments shall be submitted in class. Do not submit your homework on blackboard! Grading for each homework assignment will be based on 3 points for procedure as indicated above2 points for clarity, and 15 points for the analysis and solutions.

Ac505 quiz 2

If you have questions concerning your homework, please bring these questions to my attention during class, to the Task in the Help Room, or during my office hours. Prefer that question-and-answer sessions occur in person. There will be 10 quizzes throughout the semester.

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The quizzes will be closed book and closed notes and will be individual efforts — no help from other students. The quizzes can be given anytime during the class and will take approximately 5 -? There will be no advance warning of a quiz and no make-up quizzes unless arrangements are made prior to class.

So even if you cannot answer the question, you will collect 5 points for attending the class and following the quiz procedure as listed below. If you are absent from class and a quiz is given on the day of your absence, you will receive no points for that quiz. If you leave before the lecture ends on a day a quiz is given, you will not receive any points for that quiz unless being excused by the instructor beforehand for legitimate reasons.

You shall observe strict silence throughout the quiz and strict silence when the quizzes are collected. Students that choose to discuss the quiz with other students during the quiz or choose to look at notes during a closed note quiz will receive a zero for that quiz; a second occurrence of looking at notes or talking during a quiz will result in discussions with the Assistant Dean of the School of Business.

This course includes a Blackboard website at http: You will find many documents on the site. Note that Blackboard room time to time will undergo maintenance by SKI and not always be available.

Notice Regarding Students with Disabilities: The School Of Business Assembly has adopted an Honor System proposed by its students and faculty to promote academic integrity and has enacted the following code: We will support the Honor System of the School and will not tolerate activities that undermine academic integrity.

As student in a School of Business class, you will be protected by and expected to conduct yourself in accordance with this Honor System. For a complete description of the system, see: This is required reading for students in all business courses.Online: Full text finding aids • OCLC WorldCat Brief summary descriptions of many collections • Links on the list Finding aids or descriptions for some collections are linked from list.

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